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Why The NL?

Why The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is the only country on the globes that has the perfect platform to travel everywhere and all over the country on bikes with much joy and minimum effort.

Experiencing and exploring The Netherlands while biking on endless wonderful bicycle trails creates the strongest mentally feelings and emotions of being a part of the lovely nature all around, a part of the Dutch unique culture by discovering so many beautiful local people and authentic places on the way..

On this journey we will have many breaks at unique spots and get the sense of the Dutch authentic vibe such as a beautiful green nature, canals surrounding, "picture gardens", Traditional & Art Museums, local bakeries, coffee shops, farmer's fields & booths, traditional wine & beer houses and much more.

We will experience all of those goodies while comfortably biking, breathing clean air and feeling so good for so many reasons - The best way to do The Netherlands!

Every detail in all aspect regarding our weekly tour had been taken care in advance in the best way we can, for you to have the maximum quality and joyful vacation.

That of course includes unique "Dutch warm" authentic accommodation for 6 nights including breakfasts, rich and fresh dinners every evening in well-known restaurants, various local snacks and beverages along the way, entrances to museums, castles, boat sailings, spa, local guides, gifts and more on real time for your service.

Just bring your personal luggage and forget all your troubles!

Our bikes are the best top of the line electric Dutch bike "Pedelec", equipped with best professional added devices for your convenience with high quality bags for your personal luggage, best assisting display & control system, most comfortable American 'Townie' seats, light rain suits and more. 

The Netherlands is the ultimate destination for cycling thanks to its flat landscape, mild climate, short distances and wonderful infrastructure. It's safe, easy and great fun! More than 32,000 kilometers of the best bicycle paths are waiting for you throughout the country. 

It seems like unbelievable that we will visit so many sites while biking but so it will be. More than this, it is going to be enriching, fun and exciting from the beginning till the end of this wonderful week. 

Biking around 50 KM per day safely, easily & smoothly with a pure pleasure from the beginning until the end of the tour

When & where

When & where 

Every Sunday afternoon between April to October

6 full day bicycle tours, 6-14 participants each.

Guided VIP bicycle tours including full service & escort by two warm experienced & professional guides.

Total of 312 KM exclude Sunday afternoon.

52 KM biking per day in average.

Meeting point:

On Sunday at 4:00 pm at the train station of Beverwijk

North to Amsterdam, around 25 minutes by train from Amsterdam main train station.

Ending point:

On Saturday at 6:00 pm at the train station of Haarlem
North to Amsterdam, around 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam main train station.

Trip route

 Best vacation by far from any other option!

Day 1

Day 1 - Sunday afternoon 15 Km biking - Around Wijk Aan Zee and IJmuiden 

Getting to know each other, receiving and adjusting for each participant his personal "Pedelec" bike that would be his best 'friend' for the next week.

In that point participant's luggage will be delivered directly to an amazing authentic "Be My Guest" Hotel at Wijk Aan Zee while the group will do the first 2 hour biking at the National Park along the beautiful coast line of IJmuiden and Wijk Aan Zee.

After a calming green ride while breathing the breeze from the North sea we will arrive to "Be My Guest" Hotel at around 6:30 pm.
Free time for receiving the rooms (your luggage will be already inside your room), organizing yourselves and exploring the local vibe of this magical area.

The unique dinners are made every day with a lot of love by Ella & Martin with some help from a local friend. Every day there is a new menu! Dinner will be served at 8:30 pm.

Day 2

Day 2 - Monday   51.9 KM biking -  From Wijk Aan Zee to Schoorl, Bergen, Alkmaar arriving to Heiloo

After having a unique breakfast at "Be My Guest" we will start biking north along the coast line of the North Sea. In this first full day we will visit  Noord-Holland to where the most beautiful bulb fields, the biggest, uninterrupted flower bulb area in the world.

On spring time (April-May) we will find ourselves biking along an endless trail of colorful tulip fields along the dunes and over the horizon.

The "Schoorlse Duinen", is a nature area with the highest and widest dunes in the Netherlands, which reaches about 60m above sea level with more than 5 km wide in some places.

We will bike through the lovely town of Bergen that is known as the home of many painters, writers and architects since 1900, no wonder with such an amazing atmosphere!

Alkmaar will be our next stop and then we'll have a break to explore the old city center of Alkmaar by walk. Don’t worry about the bikes or luggage as we will take care of watching  your "Pedelec" while biking and along the walking breaks.

At Alkmaar we promise not to miss our favorite bakery "Beerse Brood & Banket" to have some extra ordinary unique bread, pastry and cookies.
It is one of the most loved scents in the world for more than 100 years. People talk about it, we will enjoy the tastes along our road and understand exactly why..

From Alkmaar we will bike through the old town of Heiloo ("sacred height") - one of the major pilgrimage destinations in the Netherlands, attracting pilgrims to visit the church from the 12th century known as the 'Witte Kerk'.

We will arrive at around 6:00 pm to have our rooms at "Fletcher Hotel" some free time and a lovely dinner at "Heiloo" restaurant.

What a day! In that point we will be so happy to know that we still have 5 more full days of total fun.

Day 3

Day 3 - Tuesday 47.9 KM biking -  From Heiloo to Limmen, Zaandam, Zaanse Schans, Edam arriving to Purmerend 

In this second full day of biking we will get up in the morning, have our breakfast and feel enthusiastic to go on our personal "Pedelec" to have another amazing day in The Netherlands. Today we will bike south toward North Amsterdam and then East to our final destination Edam.

A piece of cake.

On our way we will pass many gorgeous areas. It feels like being in a movie that you only want it to go on and on.

A mixing of green environment combined with nature all around, Dutch tradition as a part of a beautiful culture, the green fields and the blue water as a perfect background to the fine houses, gardens, flowers, cows, ducks, birds and other relaxing homely animals.
Full of life, yet calm environment that allows you to be a part of this entire dream.

First destination of today would be Limmen -  the so-called "bollencentrum" (bulb-center) of the northern part of The Netherlands. The annual "Bloemendagen" (Flowerdays) are a tradition in Limmen every year on May. People living there make mosaics with the flowers and set up the mosaics in front of their house. People from around the Netherlands come to visit Limmen on these days.

Our next destination for today is Zaandam - a city in the province of North Holland located on the river Zaan just north to Amsterdam.
In the Dutch Golden Age, Zaandam served as a large milling center.


Today we will visit the famous neighborhood at the south of the city, Zaanse Schans that is best known for its collection of well-preserved historical windmills and houses, we will bike inside of Zaanse Schans outdoor museum.

Our last destination for today before we will arrive to our Golf Hotel "BurgGolf" at Purmerend, is the city of cheese - Edam.
Edam is famous by its original cheese source with the same name, we won't miss the opportunity to taste some new flavors like pesto cheese, coconut cheese and many other unique tastes.

We will bike through the old town center, within the borders of the old city walls, which is nowadays protected by the government, on our way to relax at our golf hotel "BurgGolf" before having a relaxing dinner with nice wine to end this great day on our journey.